Jib Cranes for heavy loads

Posted on January 31, 2024 at 4:29 pm

Jib cranes come in very handy when we have to move around heavy loads. There are a wide range of jib cranes to choose from depending on the work at hand. Different manufacturers have modified their own brands to suit the needs of their customers.

When choosing the suitable crane for you, you will need to consider your working space, the kind of task the crane will be handling as well as other factors. If you have a very small working space, a very big crane may not serve your purpose well.

There are professionals from crane manufacturing companies who can offer you valuable advice. Let them walk you through the various options and let them and your engineers decide on the best option for your needs.

Here are some of the models that you can access in the UK:

The Pillar jib crane LS

It weighs 100 kg with a jib length of 3 metres. It is made for low range lifting tasks. It is able to lift loads at a speed of 12 metres per minute. This makes the pillar jib crane very effective. Using an intermediate steel plate, the pillar jib crane is held steady on a base plate.

The wall jib crane LW

When you need to move light loads by hand, then this wall jib crane will come in handy. With a capacity of 200 kg and a 7 metre jib length, can be very effective in the packaging section at an industry.

The pillar jib crane LSX

Having a capacity of 500 kg and a 7 metre jib length, this crane is very effective in work places with low ceilings.

The wall jib crane LWX

This wall jib crane is specially made for lifting and lowering loads lightly. It is best suited for light tasks that require delicate handling. It has a capacity of 100 kg and a 3 meter jib length.

Pillar jib crane VS

This jib crane has an electric chain hoist. It is mostly used for lifting loads considered unsafe to be moved around by hand. It is commonly used for moving road construction materials. The crane is secured on a base foundation.

Wall jib crane VW

This is the best option for people who deal in construction of tanks and container. It is manufactured in a way that allows the user to maximise their working space. It allows you to raise loads to the maximum desired height.

The pillar jib crane VS

With a capacity of 5 tonnes and 7 metres jib length, this crane is fitted with an electric wire rope hoist.

These are just some of the common jib cranes that are used in different industries. Engineers and experts in the different fields are well placed to advice you on the best manufacturers to buy from. The manufacturer will offer installation services. Jib cranes also need regular maintenance to ensure they remain in perfect working condition. If they are not serviced and maintained in good condition, they can become a hazard at the place of work and pose serious danger to workers.

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