Working at Height and Company Policies

Posted on July 31, 2020 at 7:44 pm

If you have a job where you need to work at height, you will need to use the right safety equipment including harnesses, fall restraints for equipment and safety gear such as gloves and helmets. Companies should have policies to protect you if you are working at height, even if you just do so temporarily – make sure you have a full understanding of what is required of you and how you will be protected, including the gear that you will need.

Whilst all construction and other companies need to have policies to protect staff, it is also important to understand that you are responsible for your own safety when you are working at height. It is up to you to take the right steps to ensure safe working practices. If you do not have the right training to work at height, you should never be asked to do so – if you are, make it clear that you are not willing or able to do this until you have the relevant experience and equipment.

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