Retiling your Bathroom Floor with Slip-Resistant Tiles

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Bathrooms are very wet places and if you are not careful, it can be very easy to slip over and have an accident. It can be a really good idea to replace your current flooring with slip-resistant tiles, especially if you have young children in the house.

Anti-slip tiles can be made from many different materials but usually, they will be laminated and they can take on the appearance of other materials very well, including basalt, wood and ceramic. The tiles themselves may be slightly textured to give more grip when walking on them.

It is also possible to use real ceramic tiles and make them more slip resistant than usual. If you want to do this, you should choose tiles that have a pattern on them as opposed to shiny, smooth tiles. You can also choose to use very small ceramic tiles, as the grout lines will help with grip.

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