Understanding Commercial Awnings

Posted on March 17, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Commercial awnings are great additions to the business as they can be used to advertise it to help maximize on profits. Other benefits you can get from this include helping your business stand out and catch the eye and draw potential clients so that you can enjoy an increased customer base. These also offer clients incredible all weather protection. You will also notice that they also enhance and accentuate a building’s architecture and you can also get some that are illuminated which offer 24/7 visibility and provide better security for the business. There are different types of awnings you can find in the market and these include:

Retractable awnings 

Generally these are normally purchased with the sole purpose of providing shade for some of the goods that are placed in a store’s window. These are also known as traditional awnings, butchers blinds and shop blinds. They come in handy for shops that have eating areas located outside as they protect customers from harsh weather conditions to allow them to take their meals and drinks in peace. Here you have an option of selecting automatic or manual, sensor or remote activated controls that permit the awning to be opened and closed easily from outside and inside. The sensor controlled awnings normally come with sun and wind sensors that automatically extend or retract even when you are not at home to offer maximum protection.

Non retractable awnings 

These are mostly used as a decorative piece for the buildings where they are installed. They are a popular choice as they can be custom fit to your ideal outdoor space. They do not have moving parts thus require less maintenance. Most people also like to use them as three dimensional signs. They are usually referred to as fixed canopies. While shopping for these types of commercial awnings, it is also important to note that you can also get an approach awning that can be used to highlight the entrance of the business or even be used to provide a covered walkway in a place that has a flight of stairs. They offer incredible creativity in regards to material, shape, size and style allowing a person to choose the one they feel they are most comfortable with at the end of the day.

Pergola style all weather awnings 

This is an innovative type of awning system that was introduced to the market recently. They are an attractive option that is normally placed in its own beautiful Pergola style timber frame. It is a great option for terraces or extending covered areas. It can withstand Force 9 winds with ease implying that it can be used outside without a problem during those inclement months. Another benefit of this type of awning is that it is possible to create a separate smoking area outside the fabric which can be used by smokers who are looking for a convenient smoking shelter.

Depending on budget as well as need, it is important to go through all the options of commercial awnings available in the market to see the one that will work out best for you.

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