Construction Projects

Building and development projects vary in different locations, but the skills in the construction centre are often transferable from project to project.
For example if you can build footings and foundations or install windows and
roller shutter doors,
then you can use and improve your skills in a range of industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Where to Use Tile Edge Trim

It’s so important to choose the right edging for tiles to give them a truly professional look. You can use tile edge trim in many different finishes to make sure your tiling look bespoke and beautiful.

High speed shutter

A high speed roller shutter door can close as quickly as 3m a second, making it an efficient and responsive solution for entry. It might be used internally or externally for the passage of people and vehicles as required. Popular reasons for choosing these doors involve better energy efficiency, and avoidance of cross contamination in specialist regulated areas.

Manual and Hydraulic Load Movers

There are a few different types of manual and hydraulic load movers. They are often used to move heavy loads such as furniture, which also earns them the name furniture movers. They will be able to lift and transport loads safely, up to a capacity of around 1,800kg. Toes can be moved under the load for safe loading, and ratchet straps can secure the load too.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

One of the key benefits in utilising a stainless steel wire rope is its ability to form a protective coating, keeping the form strong and the bond flexible. This is why stainless steel wire ropes are the choice for more industrial applications such water tanks, rigging parts, hoists and much more.

Scaffold hoists

Scaffold hoists are typically powered by electric motors, although diesel and petrol-powered models are also available. These devices have the capacity to lift up to 1,000 pounds or more, depending on their size and model.

The construction of scaffold hoists involves the use of a rotating drum, which is connected to the lifting mechanism and a winch. The scaffold hoist also includes an adjustable safety brake, as well as a safety guard to prevent overloading or overturning the device.

A scaffold hoist can be used in various industries, including construction, mining, and manufacturing. Or can be used by plumbers and electricians.

Are designed for use in hazardous or confined spaces, as well as areas that are not easily accessible. They are also an economical alternative to traditional lifting methods.