Installing a steel beam in a residential property

Posted on June 23, 2022 at 4:00 pm

During a property renovation it may be necessary to remove a loadbearing wall to create the increasingly popular open plan living space that many homeowners want. If this is the case, a reinforced steel joist, RSJ, will be required to take the load that the wall previously supported. This process needs a professional builder as it is not straightforward and requires someone who is experienced in the construction industry.

The first step is to use a structural engineer to calculate the size of the steel beam that will be needed for the job. They will be able to advise the homeowner on the relevant building regulations that will need to be applied for and supply written calculations that will be required by the building inspector.

Once the permission to continue with the construction has been given, purchasing the RSJ will be the next step. They can usually be ordered from a steel merchant where they will be cut to size to the specifications given.

Before the supporting wall is removed it is essential that acrow props are in place to temporarily support the walls above until the steel beam is in place. At various stages in the process the building inspector will need to check that the work has been carried out correctly.

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Adding living space equals adding value

Posted on April 23, 2022 at 5:53 pm

Extending the living space in a property is an option that many people are considering at the moment as they seek to increase the value of their home. One way to achieve this is to add a conservatory to the property which could be used as a dining room or lounge area. With the recent relaxation of strict planning rules, it is easier than ever to build a conservatory, but plans do need to be checked with the local planning authority to make sure they conform to building regulations that are in place.

Planning the type of conservatory to install is important so that you have the best type for your family’s needs. Decisions will need to be made on the shape and size of the conservatory and whether to have a totally glass one or one that has a dwarf wall around the base. The latter is a better choice if you want to be able to use the conservatory all year round as it allows fixtures such as electrical sockets and radiators or other heating appliances to be attached to the wall.

Although having a conservatory on the rear or side of the property will reduce the size of the garden the increase in useable interior space is seen as worthwhile by most homeowners.

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How to give the front of your home a makeover

Posted on January 13, 2022 at 5:26 pm

So many of us are already looking forward to the spring time when the days start becoming warmer again and its light when you get up in the morning. During the winter months it is common to not really do much on the outside of your property. This is often for a number of reason but usually due to the bad weather. If you are wanting to do building work, tarmacking or rendering then you will usually have to wait until you have a good run of dry weather and this is not often possible in the winter.

Although you may be ready to start your new improvement project yet, you may want to start to plan what you will do and get some prices. Now is often a great time to buy outdoor furniture and garage doors etc as you will usually find some great deals on prices. Changing your garage doors if they are on the front of your property can make a big difference. If they look worn and tatty then this can make the overall appearance of your home look the same. Simply giving your front door a lick of paint and a new door knob will transform its appearance at a small price.

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Having new windows installed in your home

Posted on January 16, 2021 at 2:28 pm

If you are considering having new windows installed in your home it is important that you think about what style you want. It may be that you have decided to have a bay window installed or that you are just upgrading from wooden frames to UPVC. The style of the window you chose will alter the price so if you are ok a tight budget it may be worth asking for quotes for a few different types.

Often people replace double glazed windows because the seals have gone and therefore condensation is getting between the panes. This can look unsightly and does means that you will be losing heat out of the room as the seal is no longer air tight. Despite what you may think it even have been told, you don’t have to replace the whole window and frame you can just replace the glass and seals. This often works out a fair bit cheaper and is perfect if only one of the panes is not dealing and the others are fine.

Be sure to get quotes from a few different window companies to make sure you are getting the best price and check what warranty they give you for the windows in case they should fail again 12 months down the line.

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Installing carpets in your home

Posted on December 19, 2020 at 8:21 pm

You may have decided that you want to replace some carpets in your home or if you have just purchased a new build, it may very well not have even got carpets in. When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home you need to think carefully about the purpose and use of the room. If for example it is a bathroom or kitchen, then carpet is not the best choice. The carpet will easily get wet which will make it smell damp and eventually go mouldy.

Hallways are another place that carpet may not be the best option. They often get a lot of traffic and unless you are going to ensure that everyone removes their shoes before they come in, they can quickly become dirty.

A lounge or a bedroom is a great choice for carpet. Carpet gives a room a cosy feeling and makes it warmer which is just what you want. It should be fitted by a professional as it needs to be stretched otherwise overtime the carpet will expand and won’t fit properly in the room. Some fitters will allow you to buy the carpet yourself and they will fit it for you.

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Install a conservatory to boost your living space

Posted on October 31, 2020 at 1:25 pm

For some people, the possibility of moving to a new house is not on the cards perhaps because of financial reasons or that the location of their home is where they want to live. This is fine perhaps until your family outgrows your house then you are faced with a dilemma but an easy way to achieve more space in your home is to add a conservatory to your house or bungalow thus providing additional space on the ground floor which can be used as a dining room, extra living room or an office space.

Recently planning rules have become less stringent and it is easier than ever to install a conservatory, however, do check with the local planning authority to make sure your plans conform to any building regulations that are in force.

The type of conservatories that are available are wide ranging and differ not only in shape and size but also whether to have a totally glass one or one that has a dwarf wall around the base. In some cases, the latter is a better choice as it allows fixtures such as electrical sockets and radiators or other heating appliances to be attached to the dwarf wall.

A ceiling fan is a must in any conservatory as the temperature can rise considerably on a sunny day. Ceiling and window blinds can also help to keep the conservatory cool in the summer months and warm in the winter and can be either manual or remote controlled.

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Retiling your Bathroom Floor with Slip-Resistant Tiles

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Bathrooms are very wet places and if you are not careful, it can be very easy to slip over and have an accident. It can be a really good idea to replace your current flooring with slip-resistant tiles, especially if you have young children in the house.

Anti-slip tiles can be made from many different materials but usually, they will be laminated and they can take on the appearance of other materials very well, including basalt, wood and ceramic. The tiles themselves may be slightly textured to give more grip when walking on them.

It is also possible to use real ceramic tiles and make them more slip resistant than usual. If you want to do this, you should choose tiles that have a pattern on them as opposed to shiny, smooth tiles. You can also choose to use very small ceramic tiles, as the grout lines will help with grip.

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Aluminium Sectional Doors to enhance your home

Posted on January 14, 2017 at 2:43 pm

If you’re operating a manufacturing facility, it is likely that your business has a dedicated space for commercial usage, warehouse, and production. Some home enhancement measures yield a greater help to the owner than others and replacing poorly performing windows and installing the correct windows for your home would have to rank up there with the most important home improvement actions that you can undertake. A window is an essential structure in any space since they provide light during the day time and improves the ventilation of the room. If you’re in the market for replacement windows or if you are reviewing different home improvement projects and currently have aluminium windows and you’ve done any research regarding aluminium windows surely you’ve come across some good info at least a little bit of information.

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Protecting A Property From Flooding in The UK

Posted on May 27, 2016 at 5:58 pm

The UK government created a fund which offered grants to homeowners who’ve suffered from flooding to allow them to rebuild their homes in a more flood resistant fashion. There were a large number of which were severely damaged. Many of them have been redeveloping their homes by trying out various different flood defence strategies. We have seen homes which have redesigned floors of the bottom floor so that instead of them being fixed, they will be able to rise as the water fills in the cavity below the floor, protecting the floor and the property within the room. We have also seen homes which have waterproofed their bottom floor, so that no water can enter the home in the first place; or even homes which have been incrementally raised so that they are above the flood line.

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Reasons for Choosing Overlap Garage Doors and Factors to Consider when Selecting

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 11:08 am

Finding a garage door that can secure your home from thieves and burglars can be a bit challenging, especially if you do not know what to look for in an overlap garage door. One feature that make overlap garage doors stand out on the market is that they do not require ceiling tracks and lower internal protrusion up to 50 percent. Apart from being trackless, these type of doors come with double counterweight mechanism as well as an operator set in the head bar. Such a model do not only enhance the garage, but also allows space optimisation as a result of reduced internal dimensions.

Why You Should Choose Overlap Garage Doors for Your Home

There are series of reasons why you ought to select an overlap door for your garage. They include:
Make use of high quality materials
These doors are made of a high quality timber finishes, including Larch, Oak, Mahogany, Okoume and more. This explain why overlap doors provide great flexibility when it comes to selecting the right garage door that suits the existing architectural features in your home. (more…)

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