What are the safety measures on use on a construction site?

Posted on September 5, 2015 at 9:57 am

We all know construction is regarded as one of the most dangerous and risky job where workers life is at great risk. In the process workers deal with various heavy machines, equipment’s, materials that can put their life into trouble. During the process, workers safety is very important hence they should follow several safety measures to safe guard themselves from severe threats.

Safety first

While working with material, machines, construction tools ensure that you wear water-proof gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, long protective water-proof boots, full length trousers or pants, and give proper protection to your eyes. Before using any tool or equipment, check properly that it is working or not, it its components are such as screw is connected to the tool or not and many other security measures that can safeguard you from dangerous hazards. Be vigilant with electricity and tools as construction sites require a lot of electrical equipment’s and its installation.

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