Furniture Movers – How to Lift Heavy Loads

Posted on October 31, 2017 at 11:22 pm

Furniture movers are specialist pieces of equipment that can be used to lift heavy loads, perhaps like household furniture or industrial pieces of equipment. They are often used by people like removal companies during the removal processes, to avoid dangerous heavy lifting processes. They can lift pretty heavy loads for their size, usually up to around 1,800kg.

The mover works by having skates that are slid underneath the load. The load is then positioned on the trolley or wheels correctly and safely – with some models, support rails and tension straps are available to help hold the load in place. It can then be moved by simply wheeling the mover into position.

Different wheels are available for different floor coverings. This makes moving skates suitable for use in the domestic market, where it is important to protect a customer’s home. There are also a variety of sizes and lifting heights available.

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