Mistakes to Avoid In Flat Roof Construction

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 8:45 am

A flat roof is basically used for various types of architecture and mostly seen on large businesses and warehouses, several homes also prefer this type of a roof. Generally, a flat roof design is easy to maintain. However, a flat roof has also its own disadvantages; for instance, you may encounter draining and ventilation issues if it is not properly installed and maintained.

Various Errors to Avoid When Considering Flat Roof Construction

Improper roof coatings

Before choosing any roof coatings, it is very important to understand first the climate conditions of the region where the building is being constructed. This way, you will understand the best type of coating system you need to use when constructing your flat roof. For instance, an epoxy-based roof coating in a humidity or high rainfall area can be very dangerous. This epoxy itself can also curl up and then bring the entire roof with it, probably causing major leaks, causing great damage to the some parts of the building or the entire roof. Therefore, it is crucial to look for the right roof coating suitable for flat roofs constructed in various areas with different weather conditions.


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Fixed Flat Rooflights – Which One Suits You?

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Quality roofing design and fixed flat rooflights have become synonymous. Sometime back, a roof was a simple structure meant to keep off dirt, dust, elements of weather and to provide privacy. In modern times, the roles of a roof have widened.

Whilst some people are setting up glass houses and conservatories on the roof, others are making it a place to lay back and enjoy the weather or view. Flat rooflights are playing a key role in achieving functionality and aesthetic appeal. Factors influencing choice are as follows:

Type of Roof

As the name suggests, flat rooflights are meant for permanent use on a flat roof surface. The main idea is to allow light to pass through it while warding-off dust, dirt, or any other unwanted objects. However, it makes sense to think of the type of roof in consideration. Is it made from concrete, ceramic tiles, galvanized iron sheets, or shingles? Such information will determine how to fix the roof to minimize leakage. Also, it will help in choosing a design that matches the roofing type.

Nature of Use

The type of fixed flat rooflights will also be determined by the intended use. The installation may be done simply to allow light into a building. It may also be done to allow people see right below them as they walk over it. Therefore, it should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the people. In some instances, besides allowing light, it may also be used to bring in fresh air. Therefore, the product should feature a mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed.

Type of Material

Flat rooflights appear in all kinds of sizes, shapes, brand names and colours. Each design will also have its positives and negatives. The attributes can be found out through reading online reviews and also talking to people who have installed the rooflights. The appropriate type will be determined by various aspects. Such include intended use, type of roofing, personal taste, market trends and other reasons. Polycarbonate and glass are the most common materials used to manufacture the product.

 Ease of Use

Whether the rooflights will be walked on, opened to allow fresh air to circulate, or simply add aesthetic value, the product should be friendly to the user. This aspect is especially important if the flat rooflights will be opened or closed regularly. Manually opened accessories are easy to install and maintain. However, they require more effort to operate. Automatic or electronic rooflights may be more costly and require special skills but are more user-friendly.

Matter of fact is that getting a hold of good rooflights for flat surfaces has become easier. This is as a result of better marketing, improved technology, and also general appreciation of the roofing product. Nevertheless, a prospective buyer still needs to lookout for first-class products. This entails considering factors such as resistance to leakage, easy installation, durability, warranty on product and much more. Other than improving beauty and functionality, top-quality fixed flat rooflights offer the consumer serenity of mind.

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