Low maintenance solutions for outdoor spaces

Posted on May 29, 2022 at 9:48 am

For those fortunate enough to have a large outdoor space at their property, the problem with keeping up with the maintenance of such a huge area can be troubling. It takes a vast amount of time and effort to keep on top of mowing lawned areas, weeding plant beds and keeping the whole space tidy. How can outdoor areas be made low maintenance yet still retain their attraction?

Firstly, think about whether you want to keep as much lawned area in the garden. If the answer to this question is yes then could it be made smaller to making mowing easier or even contemplate replacing it with low-maintenance artificial grass. A paved area with a small lawn in the centre can look lovely especially if the edges are kept neat.

Plant bedding areas are often time consuming to keep looking neat and tidy but by using weed free matting and covering this with wood chippings or decorative gravel the bedding sections of your garden become much more manageable. Installing raised flower beds makes it much easier to plant and weed without having to bend down and can be installed around the garden as features. Similarly, by using large pots to hold shrubs rather than planting them directly in the garden this will prevent them getting too large and also make it easier to prune them.

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