Install a conservatory to boost your living space

Posted on October 31, 2020 at 1:25 pm

For some people, the possibility of moving to a new house is not on the cards perhaps because of financial reasons or that the location of their home is where they want to live. This is fine perhaps until your family outgrows your house then you are faced with a dilemma but an easy way to achieve more space in your home is to add a conservatory to your house or bungalow thus providing additional space on the ground floor which can be used as a dining room, extra living room or an office space.

Recently planning rules have become less stringent and it is easier than ever to install a conservatory, however, do check with the local planning authority to make sure your plans conform to any building regulations that are in force.

The type of conservatories that are available are wide ranging and differ not only in shape and size but also whether to have a totally glass one or one that has a dwarf wall around the base. In some cases, the latter is a better choice as it allows fixtures such as electrical sockets and radiators or other heating appliances to be attached to the dwarf wall.

A ceiling fan is a must in any conservatory as the temperature can rise considerably on a sunny day. Ceiling and window blinds can also help to keep the conservatory cool in the summer months and warm in the winter and can be either manual or remote controlled.

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